About Us

Simple and fun. Let’s build and grow together  as one and equals.

Our History

Bennett’s language center is a training institute with more than 10 widely and international spoken languages founded in 2009.

With more than 10 years of successful experience, blc has established itself as one of the leading language institutes worldwide as we yearly have student apply from all over the world and just to mention few countries such as: brazil, portugal, china, north and south america, france, germany, angola, poland, indonesia, namibia, spain, south africa and russia.

Vision, Mission & Values

We are a motivated team whose  vision is to facilitate achievement of dreams blocked by language barriers and our goal is to bring the world closer to you.

Our mission is based on cultivating language harmony between active polyglots, to allow them to simplify understanding between several races.

Our values will be trully seen from our transparency, honesty and reliability to strive and put your knowledge at first.

Our Teachers

BLC main objective is to provide a full guarantee on your personal upgrde with the best native language teachers for a successful, easier and fun experience while learning with us.

Sean Smith

Student Liason

John Kinney

Prof. Psychology

Antonio Romano

Prof. Foreign Studies


Christy Johannsen

Prof. Arts & Humanities

Dave Carrey

Sports & Recreation

Marco Estavez

Prof. Environmental Science


Number of teachers




(: Loughs

Need Help?


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Once you visit our website, click on the main buttom “Register” that you see. It will prompt the student to fill in the registraction form.

We accept mayor payment gateways including visa, mastercard paypal & strip.

It depends on the specs to reason why it happened. In your prime season, student is encouraged to understand our program before start.

The school provides physical or digital  study materials for a fee.

Our main office is located in Namibia, in Central Windhoek City, Independence Avenue. Continental Building, 2nd floor West wing Office 6.CBD. Windhoek, Namibia. P.O.box 4463 Windhoek, Namibia

International Association and Professional Association

TEFL Certificate number: 63747123

TEFL: International Accredited  Teacher Training

TESOL :  Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages.

Accreditation Ref: 7907634

OBQC Certified Ref: 0060571

why we are a good choice

What People Say

It was great great experience, I loved how the course was easily set up to understand.
Johannes de Klerk ( G.M )
Model Agency
I always thought Chinese to be a very difficult language and blc made simple and easier to learn and the teachers were very patient .
Jacques simon legrand ( French citizen)
Web Developer
I always wanted to learn More languages and I'm very happy with one more language, I'm planning to come back for Ruski.( Russian)
John Abdullan
As a doctor, I receive a lot of foreign patients and communication was always a problem, I had to learn English because I believe it's a world language.
Doctor Fernando Baptista
Business Consultant
There are a lot of Angolans in Namíbia and they like to speak Portuguese, it was always difficult to understand them, so I decided to learn Portuguese and it was not that difficult. I'm glad I did it and I'm planning to visit Angola and Portugal.
Sarah Claasen

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